The CanWest Games 2017

Back in July I went to the CanWest Games in Coquitlam, BC. This is the biggest competition I have ever gone to and I even got on a plane for it! I sadly didn't get to blogging about it until now and so it seems so long ago. But it doesn't change just how incredible … Continue reading The CanWest Games 2017


PaleoEthics & Me

Finding the right products to help supplement, fuel and support fitness can be a daunting task. I for one have always felt overwhelmed trying to read and understand the things I need and all the ingredients that I just don't understand. There is just so much science behind it all. Besides, I am not an … Continue reading PaleoEthics & Me


Crossfit Christmas arrived! Yes, thats right people we are in full swing of the 2017 Crossfit Open! 17.1 is in, complete and tonight we get 17.2 Last year was my first Crossfit Open. I love/ hated the whole thing! So much many incredible things happen during the Open. From new friendships, to PR's and learning … Continue reading 17point1