PaleoEthics & Me

Finding the right products to help supplement, fuel and support fitness can be a daunting task. I for one have always felt overwhelmed trying to read and understand the things I need and all the ingredients that I just don’t understand. There is just so much science behind it all. Besides, I am not an elite level athlete, food should give me the right amount of fuel and recovery support…right?!


Just about 2 years into my Crossfit addiction, I was feeling tired, worn down and my recovery after workouts was dragging. I was eating super clean and following the Crossfit prescription pretty well (“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar”), but my body was struggling and hitting any intensity was lagging. My fellow athletes were taking all kinds of supplements and telling me to look into some options. So, that was when I started to really look at supplements and talk with friends about what they were using.


Strangely enough the first thing I added was not protein powder, which is often the first item we talk about and add with more fitness. The first thing I added was a recovery drink after workouts with electrolytes and BCAA’s (branched-chain amino acids). The difference was crazy noticeable within a week and I started to question why it took me so long to try this stuff.

Don’t know anything about BCAA’s? Here are a couple links, these simple articles explain it much better than I can:

Breaking Muscle or Women’s Health Magazine

Needless to say, this started me down a path or searching for the right supplements with the right ingredients. Goal: to not simply create expensive waste and take things for no reason and to find products with real ingredients no fillers and no weird chemicals that may not be good for me. (It’s shocking how many “health supplements” have scary ingredients – check your labels!)

Over the last year or so I have tried a few different products, which were great but I am not going to talk about them all ( that would take forever!). I just want to talk about what I have decided to use now.

My first encounter with PaleoEthics was at a Girls Gone RX competition I did with my Crossfit buds, Kait and Anna. (I blogged about the event.) Paleo Ethics had a booth, they were newer and providing some samples. Their products are super clean, not a lot of added junk, gluten-free, dairy free… the list goes on. I remember thinking, beef protein… sounds like it makes sense but in a smoothie, with strawberries…? Gross. Turns out tastes pretty good and not like expected… (They do have Vegan options).

I took my samples home and kind of forgot about it. A couple months later, I had a hard workout and decide to try the sample of recovery tea. It was so good! And I slept so great! This started me down my path of exploring PaleoEthics.

Long story short, I decided to try more of their products. I love them! They are clean, they taste good and what they do to help me, was easy to read, understand and feel. I enjoy their products so much I decided to switch all my supplementing “needs” to their products. (Currently I use regularly; Super Serum Protein (Vanilla & Cocoa)-Smoothie; Regen; Recovery/Rebuild (during/post workout); Super Greens (cuz sometimes I don’t get enough veggies); Recovery Matrix Tea (favourite nighttime routine).


I applied to join the PaleoEthics Tribe Ambassador program. Being on the PaleoEthics Tribe means I believe in their products, use them and I want to share the good find with others. It also means I can share sales and deals when they arise!

I am not a sales representative for them. I share them through telling my story. What do I get for this? I have a link you can click and purchase off of, and if you do I get 10% to go towards purchasing of my own PaleoEthics stash (that I am purchasing either way).

I am happy to order for you and save on shipping. I get super pumped when deals and sales happen and I can share them with you. ( I always love a good deal!) I would love to discuss with anyone what I use, why I use it and why I like it. I will be excited for you whether you use my link or not.

FullSizeRender 2

At the end of the day, I am a true believer that every athlete needs find what works for them. What makes them feel good, and supports the lifestyle they want to live. There are just so many right answers!

All the fitness,






2 thoughts on “PaleoEthics & Me

  1. Ben says:

    Loved reading your story, it seems like you really stand behind this brand and now i want to try it! I’ve lost 80 lbs over the last year and feel like i am ready to start supplimenting.


    • Megs says:

      Wow Ben! Congratulations! 80 pounds thats an amazing accomplishment! I really do love this brand so far! It feels good to be supporting a brand that stands for fitness and life! I wish you so much success in this journey you are on! I am sure PaleoEthics could help you continue!


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