17point4 & 17point5

It has been a week since the 2017 Crossfit Open finished! What a crazy, challenging, amazing 5 weeks!

If you read my last post on 17.2 and 17.3, I was still at that point trying to decide if a redo of 17.3 was in order for me. After a little more thought I decided to go for it! Turned out to be a great redo, I shaved almost 2 minutes off my tie break time and was able to get in a better attempt of a 95 pound Snatch. Still no 95 pound snatch PR but I am hopeful for the future! 🙂

17.4 was 16.4.

Last year I did 16.4 in Pheonix at Crossfit Ignite. I remember really struggling with the choice of RX vs. Scaled last year. However, my deadlift max was so close to 155 ( it was 185), so I decided to choose back health over RX’ing. (16point3 & 16point4)

IMG_4290 copy

right after 16.4 in Phoenix.

This year my deadlift max has increased to about 215 pounds, so I decided to give 17.4 a try at RX. I had two goals in mind, one do the deadlifts well and ensure back health and two to get to the wall for a handstand push up (which is a new skill I have recently acquired).

FullSizeRender 2

Instagram. Also some good grammar happening in that post :S 

17.4 was HARD! I stuck to my plan of doing the deadlifts one at a time right from one through fifty five! My judge and friend Rozie was excellent at making sure no unsafe back bends started happening! She also kept a close eye on me as per my request as I had been having some dizzy spells ( which I later found out are due to my neck and traps being too tight. I’ve got those on the mend thanks to my chiro and physio angels!).


Legs were like jello when I got to the wall balls! Clearly I had used my legs and glutes for the deadlifts (#winning). The wall balls went… yes they went, painfully.

The row was what I thought might actually kill me! Every part of my body screamed to give up, during every painful calorie on that rower! I remember looking at the clock at one point thinking, “I’m not going to finish this row before the 13 minute time cap…” then getting angry and going, “NO CALORIE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!”. I then went as hard as I could using anything I had left and rowed the fifty-fifth calorie right at 12:59.


This is my attempt at smile for the camera early in the row…


See how much we all love the row …

I don’t actually know how I got off that rower, might have “blacked out” in my pain cave. But then spent some time wreathing on the floor. Fetal position, to my back, to sitting, back to lying… (most Crossfitters know the pain I’m talking about, no position feels good). I had given it everything I had! I walked around with a strange swagger for a good hour after that WOD, every so often having a butt twitch that was both visible and comedic!

FullSizeRender 2

Thanks to Coach Eric for this beauty.


Hurts to good….

Thanks to Ben for capturing 17.4 pain and making a collage:FullSizeRender 3

Although I didn’t make my goal of a handstand push-up, I am pretty happy with my performance. I don’t think there was much more for me to give! And not having a sore back was an extra win! I succeeded in doing 55 deadlifts at 155 pounds without causing strain to my lower back! Yay!

17.4 was cool too because so many had done it last year and we got to see huge reward in improvement from last year! It came in so many forms, improved RX or scaled scores or simply and RX score compared to last years score.

17.4 was a wrap and then just like that there was only one more WOD to go!

I was scared waiting for 17.5. Like really scared. All I could think about was 16.5’s thrusters and burpees and the insane soul crushing that happened in that WOD. I didn’t walk normal after that WOD for like over a week! And all the speculation of Dumbbell Thrusters and rowing or DU’s had me worried.


16.5 crushed me so much I needed a hug when I finished! I may have even cried a little.

I was hugely relieved when 17.5 was announced and they were NOT dumbbell thrusters!

17.5 was:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.05.42 PM


17.5 was no walk in the park. My goal was to make it under 20 minutes. Why 20? Because I couldn’t imagine doing that WOD any longer and the 40 minutes time cap meant I had to try and finish it!

On the last Friday of the Open, I coached all my morning classes and saw some amazing incredible mental toughness as many Crossfit Moirai Members fought and fought through their DU’s. It was inspiring! DU’s can be so frustrating! And when you don’t have them consistently this WOD becomes a huge grind! I am so proud of the heart I witnessed! It’s going to be amazing to see all the improvements in DU’s this year!

After everyone was done, I was lucky enough to have some members say they would stay to judge and cheer me on in my go of 17.5. So I warmed up and decided to get after it!

FullSizeRender 3

I managed to finish at 19:10! My DU’s were the best I have ever seen them. I wore my lifters (even though so many said not to), but it was ideal for me so I could fight better through those thrusters! I did my first two set unbroken and then moved on to set of 6 and 3. Mentally that was ideal for me. After 6 were out of the way I just had to pick it up and crush 3 more. And I was able to stick to that until my last set of thrusters which almost destroyed me.

As tough as 17.5 was, I kind of had fun! I almost thru a child like temper tantrum around round 6. Everyone was cheering saying “pick it up” for my next set of thrusters and I think my words were, “NO! I really don’t want to.” But then I kind laughed a weird nervous laugh and picked it up anyway.


Screenshot of a video posted by a spectator, 😛 Amanda!

Finishing 17.5 knowing I had given it my best, felt great. I was done.


17.5 done… maybe it didn’t felt great immediately …hahaha

Sunday was spent cheering on my fellow team members and Sunalta members with coffee in hand. It was awesome!

This years Open was so much different for me than last year. It was my second time competing and my first time being blessed to coach through the Open! It was amazing! I learned so much about myself. I witnessed so much greatness and was able to participate in oh so much Open magic!

I am so grateful for all the encouragement and support I received over the last five weeks! Scratch that! I am so grateful for all the love and support I receive every day from the Crossfit Community! You all know who you are and I love you all! Nothing compares!

Thank you for being you! Now we train for 2018! (#buidingfitterhumans)

All the fitness!!gratitude2



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