Crossfit Christmas arrived! Yes, thats right people we are in full swing of the 2017 Crossfit Open! 17.1 is in, complete and tonight we get 17.2

Last year was my first Crossfit Open. I love/ hated the whole thing! So much many incredible things happen during the Open. From new friendships, to PR’s and learning about yourself and what your body can do, to lying on the floor drenched in your own sweat ( maybe tears) and giving everything you have to a workout.

If you have any curiosity about how things went last year, I wrote about each week. 16point5 and it’s complete16point3 & 16point416.1 & 16.2

This year, I know I am stronger. Mentally and physically. The past year was full of so many things, but we made it through and we are here! There are still so many things I am working on, and goals I have, but I don’t want any of that to stop me from going into this year ready to do my best. Whatever that looks like.

This biggest difference between this year and last, is this year I am a Crossfit Coach. I am so incredibly lucky to be a Coach! Not only is the Open exciting for me to compete in, but I get the honour of coaching others through the Open this year!


Let’s talk about 17.1… Today is one week from 17.1 being announced. I am still trying to recover from that WOD!

This is 17.1:


Now if I am being completely honest, I was relieved to see Dumbbell Snatches! Because, I like them. They make me feel a little sassy. However, that’s with lower reps and a dumbbell that weighs like, 20 pounds! I  had never even attempted to pick up 35 pounds dumbbell with the intention of snatching it!

I knew this was going to be tough. Maybe even 16.5 soul crushing tough! That aside though, in typical girl fashion, this quickly took over my thoughts:


Crossfit Sunalta is doing the intramural Open again. And my team is Sunalta Strong! We have super sweet matching shirts and almost the whole team showed up Sunday morning ready to take on the challenge!


Look at this killer team! Only two missing! SO STRONG!

Before that though, I got to coach 17.1 at Crossfit Moirai in Chestermere in the morning! And Crossfit Currie Barracks in the early evening! Coaching people through this type of workout is so incredibly inspiring! I had the best day Friday! My athletes are incredible and they pushed so hard and did so well! But the end of the day Friday, I was determined to try the WOD RX and I was sufficiently terrified.

I was super nervous Sunday morning!  Learning from last year, I had put a lot of thought into a realistic goal for myself. My goal was to go one rep at a time, try not to stop and finish the round of 40 snatches.

With a 20 minute time cap set on the clock and a 3,2,1 GO! 17.1 began. All the advice I had heard, read and given went out of my head as soon as that clock beeped! It was just me, a 35 pound dumbbell and a box! Time to get to work!


I am punching out a snatch in the middle front, can sorta see me!


Very slow burpees. Also this picture gives the illusion i have boobs! 🙂


Status right after: that one hurt. I rolled around here for a bit.


EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :):):):):)

I am extremely happy to say I finished 17.1 @ 19:44 RX!

17.1 was tough! And man have I been sore! Five minutes after finishing that WOD I could tell my back was going to be sore, my back was LIT UP like the sky on the 4th of July!

It’s been 4 days since I did 17.1 and only yesterday could I bend over without winding myself! But I still kinda loved it!

I would not have finished that WOD though if it weren’t for my handsome husband there cheering me on and telling me to GO! GO NOW! Like he did!


I think he was proud of me!

My biggest lesson from 17.1: I need to spend more time on single arm (side) movements and dicentric motion! I believe my insane back soreness to be from the dicentric motion of controlling the weight down for 150 DB Snatches! I think my lack of work on cycling a barbell might have been a factor for this WOD. Yay for fitness and yay for learning! (Thanks Castro! :S )

Can’t wait for tomorrow morning and coaching my athletes for whatever Castro throws us tonight…

17.2… you are up!


Kait & I after 17.1

Kait has a great blog and talks all about the Open WODS both before and after if you want to read more Open stuff!! She also finished 17.1!!

OH! And in case you were wondering, I wore crop pants that were about 2 sizes too small and made my calves look like sausages to ensure I didn’t need to pull my pants up during burpees… haha 😀  #winning


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