What just happened & Merry Christmas!

Two months! That’s how much time has passed since I wrote a blog post! So much has happened! The past two months have been super eventful, hard and amazing all at once!

I got a job! Not just any job tho, like a career overhaul, follow your dreams, terrifying and exciting, make you question everything in your life kind of a job. I am so pumped, I can hardly believe it.

I am a Crossfit Coach. I get to use my love for people, Crossfit, fitness and constant growth for my job! It has been such a challenging battle since being laid off from my HR role in Dec.2015. I was really a little lost, trying to find my way, what’s next…where do I go from here, were constant questions. I got into HR for so many reasons, and found myself unsure of any of them. It’s never easy when our values and purpose gets questioned. But it seems, in my life at least that it’s a valuable time where some hard and true growth happens.


Long story short, during another day on the “job hunt grind”, as I often did (to day dream), I typed in “Crossfit jobs” in my search engine. The same roles popped up as often do, “Crossfit type coach for Globo gym” or Crossfit Coach for PT evenings… but then there it was, a new post! Crossfit day Coach M-F @ Crossfit Moirai in Chestermere! I’m not embarrassed to admit my heart kinda skipped a beat, as I read through the posting, and I knew I HAD to apply!

I have been over the moon since they hired me for the role! I haven’t even minded my 5 am alarm in the mornings! I could barely get my butt out of bed for 7 am for my HR job! I feel so blessed to be apart of the Crossfit Moirai community and can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us in our fitness journey!

Growing up Wade and his family always went out into the woods to cut down their Christmas tree. I have never done this before, but this year we went and I got my first tree cutting experience! (Yay more firsts!!!)  It was super fun and I think the start of a new tradition for Wade and I! It was crazy cold, but went bundled up and headed out to Willow Creek Alberta to meet up with my sister and her Nanton family! I even sawed down a tree with my own mitten’d hands! It was super cool! Here’s some pictures:

The other super cool thing I did was watch 3 beautiful children for five days while their mother went back to New Zealand for a family wedding and he worked, so that they could all be off together for Christmas! Mike & Dev are friends of ours that mean a lot to us, and their beautiful children are great! I was super glad to be able to help them out and super nervous about going zero children to 3 children for five days. It was a ton of work and I totally had wine every evening, but it was also super cool and we had a lot of fun!

I learned soooo much about kids and myself! I probably have a zillion stories about these talented, too smart children, but I will just tell you one of my favourites!

James, who is 3 had been talking with food in his mouth, constantly. I kept gently reminding him to “stop talking with food in his mouth.” James also really likes to get in his 9 month old brothers face a lot. I don’t really know why the face, but if he’s paying any attention to Walker, James is all up in his grill like white on rice! This particular day, Walker was very… cranky. And he was finally not fussing, and James starts getting up in his bubble. I was eating some veggies, and upon some squawking from Walker, turned and sternly said, “James, you need to get out of your brothers space, leave him alone please!” Without even skipping a beat, James turns arounds to me with his hands on his hips and says, “you’re talking with food in your mouth.”  *palm to face* there is nothing else to say.

I had a good time with the kids and I think they had fun with me. That being said, I do not feel that I need to have my own children yet. I think for now I will just borrow my friends kids. I am grateful to know I can keep 3 kids safe and alive for 5 days though!

Other highlights from the last 2 months?!

We hosted a American thanksgiving feast! It was so fun to have a house full of people and food! We were so busy having fun this is the only picture I took, Wade prepping the turkey for the fryer!


My dad came and did a WOD with me, which made me super happy!


Christmas parties!!!! We got to attend 4 Christmas parties in the last couple weeks! There has been treats and wine and laughs! Skating and ugly Christmas sweaters!


Amazing workouts! We did Crossfit Total this week, in which I hit a #190 pound back squat and a # 215 pound deadlift! Then I got to coach others and PR’s were happing left right and centre! The 12 days of Christmas was at Crossfit Sunalta on Wednesday and I hated and loved every minute of it! So many fun and super gross hard WODS!

I participated by judging a halloween Crossfit competition and got to dress up a Salt & Pepper shakers with Kait! It was super fun! I also did some judging at this years Battle in the Barracks. (Check out last years, here or this year’s by Kait here!)




Wade took me to a Florida Georgia Line concert as a surprise!! It was epic! They are so good! Since, he took me to one of their concerts when we were first dating this was extra romantic surprise!

Wade has gotten super into photography and so we went out and took pictures a few times! Here’s a couple he took of me that I love!

I like this one I took of him:


With that, I just want to say 2016 has been a blast! So many adventures, challenges and changes! It wasn’t always easy of fun, but 2016 was full of findings! I feel so blessed and so grateful! I am so excited for whats to come!

I just want to wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas and a new year filled to overflowing with laughs, love, adventures and as always, Crossfit! ( 😉 sorry can’t help it)





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