Breathe deep adventure

I love going on adventures with Wade. Last week we went to Phoenix to relax and soak in some sun for 5 days, then we rented a car and took a little road trip to San Diego for 2 days and flew home!


Start of the road trip…

When Wade proposed we drive to San Diego before the trip, I just stared at him contemplating why on earth he would want to drive FOREVER to go to San Diego. But it turns out it is only a 5 hour drive without stops! Then that begged the question, what’s in San Diego that we need to go do this trip, when we have a house and pool all to ourselves… Football. We are truly in NFL season and the Broncos were going to be playing the Chargers for Thursday Night Football. For any of you who know Wade this is the BEST kind of reason to add another adventure to our adventure!

This was the 4th Broncos game I would be attending and the first “away” game! Wade was super pumped as he has attended an undetermined amount of Broncos games, however this would be his first Broncos away game!


At the Dierks Bentley Whiskey Row in Scottsdale, watching the game before, the San Diego Game. (Official Bronco’s Bar in PHX)

“Look at that! We are still having “firsts” together how cute!”

Our time in Phoenix was so nice. It was sunny & hot. We simply hung out. Just spent time reading, Wade did a little poolside work on his lap top. We played cards, in which I dominated, winning all the things!!!

We did a poolside WOD & ROM’s.




Not a bad WOD view…

We just spent time together and cooked together and I even got busted having a dance party in the pool. Wade quickly snapped a couple pics and then joined in!


Dance like no ones watching…


Serious grooving…


Busted! Hahah!

We played the little par 3 in the community and went on one little desert “hike /walk”.


The drive to San Diego was smooth sailing. I must admit I didn’t think it was that nice of scenery for the first while. It was just endless brown desert. But then we started getting into this set of “mountains” that I can only describe as looking like MASSIVE piles of rocks. It literally looked like a giant had collected a bunch of stones (giant size stones) and by hand or his giant tractor created these piles of rocks! That was about the coolest part, then I was like a fidgety 3 year old wanting to get there already!

Whenever I am heading towards beach and ocean I get very excited. I can feel it in my whole body! I can imagine the fresh ocean salty breeze and the sand on my feet and hopefully the warm sun at my back! Close your eyes and think about that, mmm, so good right?!


When we arrived at the hotel (Marriott in La Jolla) we only had minutes, to change, check in (no room yet available- because the Bronco’s had stayed there and checked out late, this was a delightful unknown and Wade was pumped we had unknowingly picked the same hotel as the Broncos!), drop the rental car and get in an Uber to head to the Qualcomm Stadium for the Bronco’s Charger’s game!

The traffic was horrendous! It took us an hour and forty minutes to get to the stadium, no traffic should be like 40 minutes from where we were. I must say though, Uber is awesome! We took our fair share of Uber’s on this trip, and the flat rates were great! Especially when the traffic was bad. I can’t even imagine how $$ a cab would have been! We even tried out the “Uber pool” where you share, it works pretty good as long as you are not in a hurry! And it was about half the price most of the time. I hope Calgary gets Uber back!


Start of the Game!

The game was super fun, although sadly we lost… That being said, I was shocked at how many Bronco’s fans were there! I wasn’t sure what to expect and didn’t want to be the only one in our area wearing Orange, and getting boo’ed. (Who wants to be boo’ed?!)


Tear! We lost…

Friday we decide to just go out and randomly explore! So we hit up old La Jolla for some coffee and then headed towards the beach! Took a long beach walk and did some relaxing and ROM


before hoping in another Uber to go to Ballast Point Brewery! 


More exploring, some food and before we knew it, it was time to sleep and head to the airport to head home!


Another adventure in the books… time to start planning the next one.



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