I love Team Crossfit Workouts!

Ever since I started Crossfit, I have particularly enjoyed “Team WODS”. They seem to show up mostly on Saturday mornings, often a big Chipper and always super sweaty! I love planning with my team or partner “how we will do all the things” and include some strategy to the whole thing. And the thing that always stands out for me, is just how much harder I seem to push when it’s not only about me!


“Smile with your butts”, said Tim who was taking the picture!

I’ve decide that for me there are 2 main reasons for this “extra push”.

  1. I don’t want to let down the team!
  2. I want to make sure I do my fair share of the work.

and maybe a little of #3 – I feel competitive.


Goofing off..er stretching after a WOD.

So when Kait asked me to join her and our friend Anna in a 3 person team, all girls competition, there was only one  answer; “win all the things!”.

This past weekend the three of us competed for a cure in the Girls Gone RX Canada: yyc competition. It was a 1 day, 4 workouts, women’s only 3 person team event!

It was FUN. We names ourselves Sunalta Strong, because we love our box and to be strong. We got matching pink shirts and hair bows! Even leading up to the event was fun. We chatted, strategized and planned our attack on the workouts. Here is what we did:

Here’s some action shots:


Event 1 – Kait crushing some full squat cleans


Event 2- Anna crushing some cleans, while we watch haha


Event 2- me doing wall balls.. or imitating a zombie…


Event 1 – me finishing a power clean


Event 3- Kait and I just hanging out, while Anna works! (this “hanging” was the WORST!)


Event 4 – my best rowing face… might need to work on that.

The calibre of athletes there was way up there! So much so, that there were even a few ties on the leaderboard! We finished the competition 17/21.

We each got a PR (personal record) on the first one! We beat all our trial times for the other 3 and even got a 6th place finish in event #3! Pretty awesome! So even though I (maybe we, but I won’t speak for the team) would have liked to place better overall, it’s hard to be disappointed in our performance! Not bad for 3 short gals!


This was my first competition outside of my box. Really only the 3rd competition, I have ever done. (A Battle – last year is one of them). It was the first time I have ever competed in a team. I will absolutely do it again! Especially with these strong beautiful ladies!


Sunalta Strong!

If you want to hear more about the weekend check out: Girls Gone RX: Calgary Recap.

 *photo’s with “Girl Gone RX logo – credit to the photographer there had at the event!





3 thoughts on “I love Team Crossfit Workouts!

  1. kaitlynk says:

    I was so happy to compete alongside you and Anna! We did ourselves proud, all competition aside. You were a champ hanging out on the bar for the third event! And I love your rowing face hahaha – looks better than mine I’m sure. Yay Sunalta Strong! *fistbump*


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