Colorado you get me every time…

I love visiting Colorado! And this past trip was no different. The reason for the trip? Well, the Bronco’s season opener against the Panthers, Wade’s good friends Matt & Liz getting married in Laramie, Wyoming, and most definitely family, the weather, the views, the beers….


Just outside Wade’s parents house.

Anytime we have an excuse to go play in Colorado, I am in! And this trip was especially amazing for me, because not only was there all the perks listed above, but I also did my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course in Boulder at Crossfit Roots, One Republic showed up at half time at the Bronco’s game and I got to see where Wade went to University, his frat house and where he hung out as a University man ( I did get any pictures sadly…)


Wade meeting June, our good friends Peter & Holly’s baby girl!

This trip was so busy and jam packed with adventures! We were originally going to fly in on Saturday, September 3, however, I then realized there was a Crossfit level 1 trainer course on Sept. 3/4 in Boulder. I didn’t sign up early enough though and ended up on the wait list. Then by some crazy turn of events I landed a spot. So I flew in Friday instead! Wade’s parents are incredible people, and his mom arranged to let me borrow her car all weekend so I could make the 52 minute drive from their place to Boulder on Saturday and Sunday to attend the course.


First of all, the drive from Littleton to Boulder is just beautiful. The views in the Denver area are often stunning! On the drive to the course I was super excited and nervous and in awe of the gorgeous mornings!

I feel incredible lucky to have been able to attend the seminar at Crossfit Roots. The 5 trainers were engaging, funny, knowledgable and great to learn from. I am not sure that I have ever enjoyed a seminar so much in my life! The two days was just so GOOD. I was sore and exhausted and completely jazzed by the end of the weekend! I learned so much and I even got to meet some Crossfit Celebrities (Nicole Christensen, Matt Chan, Cherie Chan, Dave Lipson, Brian Tosh & Camille Leblanc-Bazinet).


Star studded Seminar staff! (Dave Lipson, Matt Chan, Me, Cherie Chan, Nicole Christensen and Brian Tosh)

I can very proudly report that I passed my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Exam. I am now actively learning how to be a Coach and hope to be coaching in the future! (There I said it out loud, I want to work with Crossfit!)


2014 Crossfit Games Winner, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. She was very kind.

Monday was labour day, which meant Wade and I got to go do a morning workout with his sister Ellen and boyfriend Jeremy. Ellen and Jeremy have been working out at Crossfit Broadway, however, they are not doing Crossfit. They are doing something called “Fit”. It has some serious similarities to Crossfit, without the Olympic lifting and with less weight. Wade and I were looking forward to giving it a try! We had a blast, but it was super tough and the Colorado altitude gets me every time. Once I peeled myself off the floor, we went for TACOS!

On a side note, Crossfit Broadway is where Julie from “paleomg” goes! We have 3 of her cookbooks and have been using her recipes for a long time… we saw her in the flesh! Unfortunately we didn’t talk to her, haha just sorta starred… awkward….

We are even rocking our Born Colorado shirts. Did you know Wade and I have a lifestyle brand?!

The weather was phenomenal all week! Wade and I got out for a hike, we sat outside and ate outside a ton, visited friends and before we knew it, it was Thursday. Which meant super excited Wade because the Broncos were playing! Wade and I (with a ton of help from his mom), got organized and went down to the stadium to tailgate before the game! It was hot outside, the beer was cold and the burger were juicy! Tailgating is NUTS! I have just never seen anything like it. This is my second tailgating experience and I am still as shocked as the first time! I am however getting much better at playing “corn hole”.


Almost Games time!

The Bronco’s game was a blast! There are just so many people, even this Canadian that doesn’t really love or get football, it’s impossible not to get excited and into the event! My ultimate highlight though will still be when half time started and we got a surprise mini One Republic concert! I about lost my mind! ( Just in case you haven’t clued in One Republic is MY FAVOURITE, I adore them! I saw their last concert tour in Phoenix, Calgary and at Red Rocks in Denver!) I am pretty sure I was the only one in our section, standing and belting out every word of their songs, happy as can be!


Look at all those happy chompers! (teeth)

That evening is also when I found out that I passed my level 1! So the Bronco’s won, One Republic showed up AND I passed my level 1, man that was a great day!

The next part of this adventure trip was to head to Laramie, Wyoming! This is where Wade went to University! It’s about a 2 hour drive from Littleton, Colorado. We got up early packed up and headed out. The drive was pretty, well the parts I saw since I could barely keep my eyes open…


Beautiful Bride & Groom (Matt & Liz) – Yes it was sunny…

Wade had arranged for us to stay at one of his good friends, Doug & Kayleigh’s house. Unfortunately, they were heading out of town for the weekend, so we didn’t see them much, but we were super grateful to be able to use their house. We also got to look after there amazing dog Hudson for the weekend. It was super fun to have a dog for the weekend. Wade and I took him to the park and threw a ball many times!

Once we dropped off our stuff, Wade took me on a tour of town we ate some burgers, then we went and walked around the University of Wyoming Campus. It was a sunny blue sky day and it was fun walking the beautifully manicured campus, listening to Wade reminisce and tell all kinds of University stories! After that we went to his old frat house where I met a bunch of current members and got a tour of the house. It was cool to see how an alumni was treated and how they just welcomed him  into the house and chatted like they all knew each other. Crazy world this American University thing.


Wade & a bunch of his Fraternity Brothers

It was such a unique thing to walk through all these memories with Wade. It’s like this huge part of his life that I know very little about. It’s crazy to think how his life went from Littleton, Colorado to University in this small Wyoming town, to working out east in Maine and somehow ending up in Calgary for us to meet. I am so grateful we somehow ended up meeting. (Although I also feel that it was just meant to be!)

The next morning (Saturday) was the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky! They had a morning ceremony and an afternoon reception which was perfect! We spent the afternoon outside, chatting with friends and celebrating love. Sunday we had to pack up and head back to Denver to catch an afternoon flight home. But we made sure to stop and do a brewery tour along the way! 🙂

Another Colorado adventure complete!


This was actually taken in Wyoming…




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