There are bears in Waterton…seriously

This past weekend, Wade and I finally got to go on a camping trip with our dear friends Kait, Dana and Haley. The summer has been so busy for us all it took till late in August to find a weekend we could make it happen.


Us in the car heading to Waterton!

Dana booked us into Crooked Creek Campground just outside the Waterton National Park. Although not the true “roughing it” it could have been, I have no complaints about the “nicely shielded from the wind tent spots” we scored.

We arrived Friday early evening and set up camp. It is fun to camp with friends. There was banter & teasing, card playing and the meal prep, planning and making is shared! Kait made a Thai dish that blew my mind! And Haley was the ever creative one. She didn’t let us take the easy way out by cooking on a grill or a stove. Haley had plans for cooking right in the fire! She made potatoes this way and some gluten free /egg free biscuits. It was fun and we ate like kings!


Some game playing.

With this crew, no camping trip is complete without hiking! The theme of Kait & Dana’s Summer 2016,  has basically been “hike all the mountains” and Wade just frankly loves hiking any time. If you’ve read any of my previous posts on camping and hiking, you will know its a bit of a comical struggle for me. (Legit Camping ; What we’ve been up to: Part 2 – USA Adventures ; finding hiking…)


Kait and I being nature girls! 

I will however admit, I was looking forward to our Saturday hike. With the exception of my legit fear of running into bears on a trail. Much to my glee, we did not run into any bears on the trail. We did however see some black bears. Kait’s good eye spotted them up a mountain nearby, about 10km (or something like that) into our hike.


The men crushing a crazy fast hiking pace.

I agree, it’s a pretty cool thing to see. I also got goosebumps and was on major high alert as we continued on. The path, seemed to me, in the direction of the bears. (I am told I over-exaggerate lol.) We really did see a big variety of wildlife on this trip though. Bears (both black and a grizzly), deer, moose, elk…cranes.


Love these two!

I have mentioned in the past I get blisters, bad, while hiking. And I am now admitting defeat with my current hiking boots! I have tried everything, liners, multiple sock types, two pairs of socks, moleskin, duct tape… the hiking boots refuse to cooperate. Or maybe it’s my heels…just the same the boots are hampering my hiking abilities and enjoyment.
( That’s right I am going to blame the boots!)

About 5-7 km into the hike I had to get them off. I took them off, put on my old beat up Nike’s (thankfully Kait told me to pack them), and stashed my hikers to grab on the way out. Before taking off my boots, I could barely keep up with the group ( they have quite the brisk pace), once my feet were free of the uncomfortable rubbing I did much better!

Here is me saying a goodbye to these boots, for this was their last hike with me!

So remember how excited I was about my spork?! Well, I got an Osprey Hydrapack thing for my hiking pack and I am almost equally as excited! When Wade first started taking me hiking, I was super anti- hiking bladders. I thought it was weird and the water tasted funny and it just seemed unnecessary. I know admit (not happily), I was wrong. Carrying multiple water bottles is the silly way! I LOVED having this Hydrapack! Once I finally figured out how it worked and Wade finished making fun of me, it was the best! So easy to stay hydrated! And since I am legit the slowest hiker, which means ultimately, I get the least rest ( HA! I am basically the fittest! :”) ) I can hydrate and hike at the same time! Brilliance!


Amazing view.

The hike was beautiful. The entire weekend was lovely. We had camp fires! I ate a couple SMORES, I haven’t had one of those in…forever. And gratefully it didn’t rain much. With the exception of Sunday the weather was warm enough and enjoyable. I feel like I might be getting the hang of this camping and hiking thing! (sorta) I came home, tired, smiling and in real need of a shower! I am pretty sure that is the goal of any camping trip!


Hard not to love this…

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One thought on “There are bears in Waterton…seriously

  1. kaitlynk says:

    Such a great trip Meg – loved your recap and the pics! You are becoming quite the nature girl 😉 That last pic of you in the field is awesome!
    So lucky to have friends like you and Wade in our lives!! ❤


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