Some things change but stay the same…

Things are always changing, the weather, the time, the fashions. We are always changing, our age, our looks, our emotions, what we like and what we don’t. The people in our lives are always changing, some are here for a time, others only a moment.

Whenever I get to connect with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, I think about the constant changing world and feel grateful for the time we continue to get together. I think about where I have been, what I have seen, how I have changed and how much I have learned.

I recently had this wonderful opportunity when I went to Toronto with a friend to visit a friend who moved there a bit over 3 years ago. Sheena, LeeAnn and I spent a lot of time together 2007 and up till LeeAnn moved to Toronto in 2013. The three of us met at good ol’ Spa Lady Zumba classes. We did lots of Spa Lady classes together and enjoyed nights out on the town and nights at each others places, talking about boys and clothes and the typical important things in our early twenties! We laughed together and cried together.

So much has happened since those days. There’s been amazing accomplishments, struggles, heartbreaks, adventures, weddings, and even a new life. With everything that has changed the one thing that has not is the fun we can have together!


Airport selfie en route!

Toronto is quite the city! If you haven’t been, you should probably visit one day! Especially if you like unlimited food options! Sheena, LeeAnn and I had a fun 3 days together of food, laughs and sunshine! LeeAnn made sure we ate at some of the best places and saw the best none touristy spots in Toronto that she loves. We had to do some touristy too…


LeeAnn even had me try her favourite workout! F45. It was supper hard and sweaty! I had a blast trying something new!



Status after the workout….

I had a great time in Toronto and I could tell you all the little details about where we went what we saw and our adventures (but then I’d have to kill you, just kidding), but truly the point of this post is this:

I am so grateful for these 2 beautiful women. I am grateful we got to spend three fun days laughing together. I am grateful for where we have been together and the lives we continue to share with each other even though from far. No matter where we all go, what we do or what things change in our lives, the one thing that can never change is the incredible fun we have had together and the beautiful impact both have made in my life.



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