Why I don’t alway make coffee at home…

Coffee is awesome. Not specifically because of caffein either, I truly enjoy a good cup of coffee. There is something comforting and inviting about that hot brown liquid! Just a touch of cream to make the colour more calming and a hint of honey to take down the slight bitter edge.

Last year before I was laid off, coffee was my favourite part about arriving to the office in the morning. I would get to the office earlier than most people, hang my coat, put my lunch in the fridge and then get that delicious steaming cup of coffee to start to enjoy while I settled into my desk and got my mind right for the day. Some days I would take that delicious friend with me into my colleagues office and we would have a morning chat about what we needed to accomplish that day. Either way coffee was the star of the morning and what made the day kick off right.



That is one thing that has not changed after being laid off. Coffee is still the star of my mornings. I always look forward to that steaming cup of joe. I’m not, not a morning person, but I’m not a morning person, catch my drift? Coffee fits the bill in the morning, whether you make it and drink it at home with morning breath or grab it on the go, or at work.

We bought an amazing coffee maker when I got laid off. Best investment. I can’t imagine what our coffee bill would have been if I had (I use “had” loosely”) to go out everyday for coffee!



Here are a couple of observations about making coffee at home behaviour… 1. I make a whole pot and then drink the whole pot and 2. Some days I have no reason to leave the house.

I understand that these 2 observations to most people probably don’t sound like problems, but I will tell you why they can be:

  1. I make a whole pot and then drink the whole pot…

Coffee lovers, this sounds wonderful no?! It is! UNTIL you realize it’s 11 am and all you have consumed that morning is coffee and you haven’t even thought about food yet. Coffee as wonderful as it is, is like an invisible cloak hiding the “hungry” until the “HANGRY” monster eats through the cloak! Normally at this point I will eat just about anything, fast! (Like for example the time I simply ate tortilla chips as my first meal of the day, with peanut butter because it required no time to prepare.)


“So don’t make a whole pot”, you say, or “don’t drink it all”. But any coffee lover knows a full pot just tastes better and wasting is not a solution!


2. Some days I have no reason to leave the house…

I recognize that this sounds pretty good to a lot of people. But I have to tell you, all day everyday at home just you and your coffee can get weird. Coffee likes to be taken out and enjoyed outside or in different environments or with friends, coffee wants to be a part of adventures and shown off to the world… ok yes I do realize “coffee” is not living, but like I said too much time alone with coffee and things can get weird, you just might start talking to coffee! Just this morning we discussed if torture is justified if it’s used for national security! (The debate is still ongoing.)

For those 2 reasons, I don’t always make coffee at home. Sometimes, I go out for coffee just to  ensure that I put on clothes, brush my teeth and leave the house. I go out for coffee so that coffee and I can adventure and see other humans. Coffee is a great reason to get out.


ps. is you love coffee just google “coffee love” images, I am telling you GREAT coffee photography (#coffeeporn)!

I don’t know about you, but coffee has been something special in my life for about as far back as I can remember. Does that sound weird?! Probably.

When I think about coffee the following comes to mind:

  • laughter
  • socializing
  • togetherness
  • cozy, comfort
  • friendship
  • calm, quiet time
  • outdoors, fresh air
  • a new day, sunshine…

That’s just the quick ones top of mind.

As a child growing up, my parents with my grandparents and other family members always sat around together on weekends up at Pine Lake sipping coffee and socializing. They would laugh, share stories and just be together. I wasn’t with them drinking coffee and thought it was so boring them just sitting around my Nanny’s kitchen table, but the memories it left on my mind are beautiful. Coffee was always apart of that.


Once I got into my teens, going to Starbucks for coffee with friends was such a “cool” “adult” thing to do (Nothing like a $5 latte to feel cool). Coffee brought us together. As time went on, coffee was the thing that was easy to do on a first date. Flexible, if the date went well, you could have more coffee to make it last longer, if the date was bad, you’d drink up and get out!


As I got comfortable in adulthood, it was everything from the pick me up to function for work, to the magic liquid that keeps you regular (do not even pretend like you don’t know what I am talking about!), to the gathering of people and a daily morning comfort.

Coffee is in a lot of my life’s memories, laughs and adventures. So today, I am saying thank you coffee. Thank you for warming my home and enriching my life! Not judging me when I don’t leave the house, giving me a reason to leave the house and for ignoring my morning breath (#makingitworst) and keeping things moving (wink, wink)! Thank you for providing me with so many opportunities to stop and smell the coffee!  Here’s to many more beautiful mornings and adventures together!


…maybe my next post will be about my love affair with red wine….




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