Never too old to hang with Mom & Dad

Couple weeks ago I left Wade to work hard and study while I played in Phoenix. Just to clarify, this was Wade’s idea. I think he needed me away so he could really focus, turns out I can be a distraction (this doesn’t surprise me). I can’t be too upset, I got to spend 10 days in sunny Phoenix, biking, walking, pool & hot tub time… Basically just doing whatever! #spoiled


How can a prickly cactus be so beautiful!

This trip, both my parents were there! It’s been awhile since I have just spent time with Mom & Dad. I laughed a little at first thinking about spending so much time with Mommy & Daddy, but quickly during the week realized just how blessed I was to be able to do that.

Funny how we are born completely enamoured with our parents and then somewhere in the teens often push them far away and then later in adulthood come full circle, realizing just how important they are. At least for me, it’s only later in my 20’s that I have truly begun to embrace just how much of my success and happiness has developed because of them. Even though I had some miserable teen years where I am sure they didn’t want to be around me as much a I didn’t want to be around them, they never left.


Pickleball, Mom LOVES Pickleball.

While in Phoenix I really enjoyed my parents company. We laughed, goofed off, talked, played cards, had pool saddle races, cooked and ate together. Life gets so busy and there’s something about going away being somewhere else where we actually slow down and just enjoy time. I often find myself “wishing time away”. It’s not on purpose, I just love to look forward to things. In that excitement I can often forget to just enjoy the time in between each thing.

“Happiness is not a destination”…

When I returned, Wade’s parents came to visit us. We spent the weekend, playing games, eating, enjoying amazing craft beer, we didn’t really do anything crazy. We spent time together. I am feeling super grateful for the time.

Anyways, this post isn’t supposed to get too deep. The point is, I just enjoyed the time. All of it and I realized that we are never too old to hangout with Mom & Dad. In fact we should do it more often.


Gone hiking in the desert!


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