16point5 and it’s complete


Ah, flashback to Thursday evening, waiting for that last Crossfit Open Announcement 16.5. So comfortably sitting on the couch, watching the pre-show, with just the right amount of nerves mixed with a weird excitement only Crossfitters get while waiting to hear what Castro will somehow easily get us to do!

Thrusters, were the talk of the community, but I foolishly admit, a very small piece of me believed Castro would shock us all and announce 16.5 sans thrusters. How very wrong I was! 16.5 is 14.5… that meant nothing to me since I was not even barely aware of Crossfit in 2014. But I was soon to understand and will now have 14.5 and/ or 16.5 burned forever in my memory, and not super fondly like when I burn brussel sprouts a little and they taste better then when I don’t! (Click here if you don’t know what a thruster is and want to…)

16.5 (RX) is:


  • Thrusters @ 65 pounds
  • Bar facing burpees

I sat there with my mouth open, first thought, “Ugh, umm ok, 65 pounds I can do some, what’s the time cap?” Answer: NO TIME CAP! (MIND BLOWN) Next thought : “NO! NO! I don’t want to!” (insert feeling like a 2 year old having a tantrum!)

But we all know, we are going to do it and our friends aren’t going to let us quit until that last burpee is done! So Friday morning, I made my way to the gym and warmed up. Let’s just say I was not the only one absolutely dreading this workout! In fact the only person I heard say something positive about it was Kait. She loves burpees and as she says, “I don’t hate it” to the thrusters. I knew Kait would do well in this one! (And she did, see her post!)


Strong and focused!

Long story short, we all heat by heat reluctantly waited for our 3,2,1 BEEP and sure enough picked up that bar! I decided to have a plan for the thrusters on this one and told myself not to deviate from it! (6,5,5,5  / 5,5,5,3 / 5,5,5/  4,4,4 / 3,3,3 / 3,3 / 3) It worked great for me!


I have to say this is one of the WORST and hardest WOD’s I have ever done. From the first thruster to the last I had to battle myself not to quit! This was a soul crushing kind of a WOD. Physically it’s tough and mentally it’s a battle. My goal was to get under 25 minutes. Based on my knowledge of my skills that was likely to be about my time.


Kait judged for me, which was great! She knew my goal so she encouraged me to stick it out. Kait is also just crazy supportive and isn’t going to let me get away with any iffy reps! Once I was down to the 6 reps, both Kait and Arden and a few other started yelling for me to push it and I heard someone say you can make under 20 minutes! My brain, was like “ARE YOU NUTS?! There’s too many more reps…” But somehow with the shouts of encouragement I went deeper into the “pain cave” everyone keeps talking about (I think I for real understand the pain cave now, I thought I knew but I think now I know) and got out those last reps, my eyes on the clock and my feet hitting the ground on the other side of my bar after that last burpee @ 19:57.





Not the last jump over but cool picture!


The community is so great, Arden giving me a sweaty hug and doesn’t care she was so pumped for me. I was thinking I might die still at this point.

Man that was tough! That WOD is still haunting me 4 days later, I am still sore! I was past sore on this one! I feel bruised. My triceps and quads are Rock Stars for getting me through that WOD! I am pretty pleased to have beat my own expectations on where I would complete this one too. A big thank you to all those who were yelling at me!


Almost Lee, almost!

My team Jacked did great! Check out this super cool picture my friend Laura put together, using amazing shots that Ross Dance took during 16.5 (most of the pictures in this post are Ross’s great work!). Man these people are awesome! This is about half my amazing team!


So there we have it 16.5 is in the books! That makes my first Crossfit Open complete! What a crazy awesome challenging experience!

For me the 2016 Open was:

  • My first Open
  • 1st toes to bar
  • 1st Chest to bar pull ups
  • best attempts at kipping
  • best attempts at bar muscle ups – and successful jumping bar muscle up yessss!!!
  • 4 out 5 RX workouts! ( this was HUGE for me, and very much surprised me)
  • I worked/ pushed harder than I think I ever have!
  • I surprised myself, over and over again!
  • I LOVED cheering and judging others!
  • I learned a lot about myself and what I can and can’t YET do!
  • I placed 39,047 out of 130,180 (kinda cool) – worldwide individual women division/ 1023 out of 3004 Canada West Women!
  • I had fun. And I didn’t die, thanks Mr. Lee.



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