16point3 & 16point4

You guessed it, 16.3 & 16.4 are in the books! (16.1 & 16.2) It has been 4 weeks of Open Workouts. I must say I have sweat a lot these past 4 weeks. Except in 16.3, not a lot of sweat for me in 16.3, but not because it was easy!

16.3 Was 10 power snatches (55 for the ladies) & 3 bar muscles ups, as many reps as possible in 7 minutes!

My first thought was, scaled it is! Bar muscle ups are not yet in my wheel house. But slowly this thought developed, I can do 10 beautiful power snatches at 55 pounds… and then maybe spend the rest of my seven minutes with some quality time with the rig. This idea spurred into a good one for me. I’ll be honest I never once thought through 16.3 that I would get my first bar muscle up. Not because I don’t think it’s not possible someday, but because I’m completely terrified of getting on top of that pull up bar, for one. How does one kip those hips aggressive enough to get somewhere they aren’t convinced they want to go?! Haha, they don’t! For two, I’m still working out this kipping thing and only recently (in 16.1) got some chest to bar pull ups!

So instead I focused some attention to that fear. During the Friday class, I worked on some bar muscle up technique. The goal: to get a jumping bar muscle up. The result: finally got it! It took some serious encouraging (or directives 😉 )from friend Dana, but I finally jumped and actually pushed up on top of the bar instead of stopping dead bar at face level! Then proceeded to do a few more times for good measure and tried to crush the fear of being up there! For me this was 16.3 success!

All the bar work from 16.1, 2 & 3, created some super tight traps for me. So I decided to stick to doing RX on Sunday and not doing a million snatch’s (ok maybe not a million). Which meant getting a score of 10 (beautiful power snatch’s) and 6:30 minutes of kipping practice with Dana’s tips and feedback! No regrets here! And minimal sweat loss! Saved it for 16.4.

Here’s some pictures of my quality time with the rig! 🙂

16.4 This seems to be the Open workout where the name of the game changed! For all the previous workouts, we saw tips & tricks and encouragement for athletes to try RX and push to gain firsts in, C2B, T2B, Bar muscle ups…etc… 16.4 is different.

16.4 was:

13 minute AMRAP

55 deadlifts @155 pounds for ladies                                                                                                             55 wall balls @ 14                                                                                                                                               55 calories row                                                                                                                                                              55 handstand push ups

My first thoughts on this was, well 155 is heavy but I can lift it. Whoohoo RX again! My 1RM deadlift is 185, so just nice and slow go for it. But I started reading the tips and tricks and encouragements for 16.4 and the tone had changed. The biggest encouragement I was finding was unless 155 was below of very near 60% of your 1RM, go scaled. 155 is like 84% of my 1 RM. At first I was surprised with this new tone. But as I continued reading, and chatting with fellow athletes, the realization of just how hard 55 reps of 155 would be. Back health is super important and this would be a very taxing workout for the back. I don’t know if I had really realized how potentially dangerous deadlifts can be. Watching the announcement and the Iceland girls do the WOD truly was amazing. They crushed the deadlifts and made them look deceivingly easy. A lot of the elite athletes make these workouts look easy!

Needless to say, I decided to go scaled. This past week I have been in Phoenix with my parents. It has been wonderful. It’s amazing what some sunshine does for the soul! I was supposed to return by Sunday for 16.4 but ended up extending my stay a few days. Wade is super busy at work and studying for an exam, so me being away is allowing him some space to get things done. I ended up doing 16.4 at an affiliate here in Phoenix, Crossfit Incite.

It can be a little intimidating walking into a new box by yourself, but Crossfit Incite was super welcoming and made me feel at ease! This was my first time attempting a scaled workout for the Open. I was actually pretty nervous. It’s like my performance expectations for the scaled versions are higher than for the RX versions.

The scaled version was:

13 minute AMRAP

55 deadlifts @95 pounds for ladies                                                                                                             55 wall balls @ 10                                                                                                                                               55 calories row                                                                                                                                                              55 hand release push ups

I did well on the deadlifts (20,20,15 for reps), really well on the wall balls (15,10,10,10,10 for reps) and finished those sometime around the 4:14 minute mark, the rower on the other hand crushed me! I was done the row at 9:19, just tired! The hand release push ups were tough! The standard of the movement was judged very strict (which is a good thing), with a couple of no reps I managed to get through 30. I feel pretty confident there was no “snaking” any of my counted reps. Man those are tough! And my lack of sweat on 16.3 was made up for on 16.4. I was a sweaty mess! All in all my final score was 195. Not too shabby! I had fun doing 16.4. Going scaled was the right thing to do for me and I am pleased with the outcome. I contemplated re-doing this one, but after some thought decided I had given it my all and a re-do wouldn’t change that.

I missed out on the shenanigans at Sunalta on Sunday, but my Jacked team crushed it! These pictures explain themselves!


A few team members missing but a great picture!


From teens to Masters, so amazing strong women!


2 of my super Jacked friends showing off the Biceps!


My husband crushing his 225 pound deadlifts!


The showing of strength, community and hard work that I have seen in my fellow athletes these past 4 weeks has been so exciting and humbling to watch & judge. I have had so much fun being an “encouraging” judge. Well, that raps up 16.3 & 16.4. Now we wait and see what Castro and 16.5 brings for the final week… (please no thrusters, please no thrusters..).



A little Crossfit “language” legend:

  • AMARAP- As many repetitions as possible
  • C2B – Chest to bar pull ups
  • T2B- Toes to bar
  • 1RM – One repetition max weight of a movement
  • RX – prescribed workout

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