THE OPEN – before it begins


Well it happened. Something I never imagined I would do, I signed up for the Crossfit Open. When I started Crossfit sometime over a year ago, I was pretty smitten. But definitely had no ambitions to join into the competing side. Now don’t misinterpret what I am saying, I am not trying to got to regionals or the games… yet 😉 ;), but competition against myself and some of my box friends is getting pretty spicy and exciting.

In 2015, I did my first PR challenge, Rep your Box Comp and then the Battle in the Barracks. And now I am kicking off 2016 right with THE OPEN. Going to jump right in….


I am both terrified and super pumped. 2016 has started off pretty well for my Crossfit #gainz. I made some goals for 2016 and have already made #gainz on a few. Here’s the list:

  1. Strict Pull-ups (and not just one!) – hit 5!
  2. Kipping Pull-ups – So close I can feel it!
  3. Deadlift 200 pounds – hit 185
  4. Get past my clean & jerk mental block of 115
  5. Jumping Bar Muscle up (the scale of help with a box)
  6. Get handstand push ups
  7. Back Squat 185 – hit 175, 2 weeks ago
  8. Front Squat 150 – hit 155 last week
  9. Snatch 85- hit this last week
  10. Overhead squat 85

I am expecting some more moments where I feel only like this picture can describe:


am i going to puke or pass out?

And even more awesome (sweaty) moments like this with my community:


More importantly then my progress, I am super thrilled to be Captain of a team at our box and to see others progress. The Open is so large and worldwide, which is great, however, I love the idea that our box owners came up with to try and bring the competition a little closer to home. Crossfit Sunalta will have 4 teams!

Jacked in the box

Jacked in the box, is my team and I’m super excited to compete with them.

The icing on the cake?! Workout 16.1 will be announced with David Castro, Chyna Cho and Calgary’s very own super talented Emily Abbott! ( There will be a lot of yelling at the TV this Thursday! #winallthethings Em!)

Ready. or. not. Thursday. it. is. happening!




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