looking for a job is the worst

Judgement and rejection. These seem to be the constant theme in the job hunt.

It’s almost comical to tears.



  • Step one: Spend hours trying to strengthen your resume
  • Step two: Mess around with online application where they pretty much make you re-type your entire resume  (AAAHHHHHH)
  • Step three: Receive automated, “application received” e-mail
  • Step four: Either receive automated “thanks but no thanks email” or with any luck a phone screening interview, which then results in either “thank but no thanks email” or an interview
  • Step five: Prepare for interview, this takes a few hours all prepped where you go sit in a room and try to come across as truly as awesome as you are
  • Step six: Thanks but no thanks email


I went on an interview this week where I am pretty convinced the interviewers thought I was a tool. I was very prepared, the job is a job I would CRUSH, but they did not seem very thrilled by me. I was sitting there, listening to them talk and react almost not at all to me and thinking, “I don’t get it, I’m like on my game, why don’t you think I’m awesome?!”

Photo on 2016-02-19 at 1.11 PM

See don’t I look Smart! Hahah! Yes, they are fake glasses….

I’m pretty much always hard on myself after interviews, but this time I legitimately felt like I #fail. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure I am going to get the Step 6 email here very shortly.

Finding a new job has always been challenging, but I am noticing a large difference this time in my life from previous years. When I finished my first round of college, I wasn’t really all that picky about what kind of a job I wanted. I just wanted a job that wasn’t waiting tables anymore. Having no office experience it just looked cool to have a “real” job. I wanted to dress “business casual”, have my desk, maybe an office and be all adult. Didn’t take long to realize “adulting” is tough, having your own desk/ office and a 9-5pm job can be soul sucking when it’s not the right opportunity. As the years have gone by and I have had more experience, my ideas around what kind of job I want have begun to shape. That and currently the job market is hurting a little. Quite honestly, I still know more about what I don’t want then what I do.

Needless to say, today I had to give myself a little pep talk about, “it’s ok that not everyone likes me”. It can be hard to stay motivated in the job hunt when there’s so much rejection at every turn.

Here’s my current strategies:

  • remember it’s ok to fail
  • try to learn something from each rejection situation
  • laugh
  • keep trying
  •  and in the words of Taylor Swift, try to shake it off, and the haters gonna hate….tumblr_inline_naiw66eK6Z1rssoy1





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