We made it a year without killing each other.

I am a very lucky girl! In 2015 I married my best friend, kinda twice. “Twice?!” you ask! Well, since we had a destination wedding, we also had what we call Paperwork Day, exactly one month before our beautiful beach wedding. So I kind of get 2 special days a year where we can celebrate our love commitment to each other.

  1. Paperwork Day – February 3, 2015
  2. Anniversary- March 3, 2015

Today, we are about in the middle of these two great days. Since I started this blog somewhere around 1/2 a year ago and haven’t yet, I am going to write a little about those 2 very special days in 2015.

Paperwork Day


February 3, 2015 was a random Tuesday! (So was March 3, 2015). So why did we pick a random Tuesday to get Married? Funny enough, there was a couple reasons,

  1. We wanted to have both days be on the same date but no more then a month apart.
  2. Where we worked, would pay you your salary on your wedding day IF you got married on a weekday. (Whooohoo full salary not using a vacation day on March 3!)
  3. Why not turn 2 random Tuesdays into something life changing?!


Paperwork day was treated kinda like a secret. Our original plan was to simply “go down to the courthouse” and get married. Unfortunately, that is not a thing anymore. You have to find a commissioner that is approved and certified in Alberta and hire them. This always means however, you can pretty much get married wherever you want. SO we hired a lovely lady named Abby and we asked our friends Marcus and Danny to be our witnesses. Next problem was location. We decided to reach out to Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood, which happened to be were we had one of our first dates, that wasn’t supposed to be a date.


Rouge was so helpful. The gave us a private room (which was the same room we had our date in). We had our own server and she was lovely. Danny was very pregnant at the time and when the server brought in champagne to toast after the ceremony, she even brought Danny a champagne glass with ginger ale so that she wouldn’t be left out. The small things go so far!


We wanted it to be special, but not exactly like what would happen for the wedding in Mexico. Abby helped us to come up with ideas to make it different. For example, instead of exchanging rings, we saved that and we exchanged flowers. The task was that we both had to find a flower to give the other and say something about why we chose it. We let the ceremony be short and sweet!


The whole thing was lovely, beautiful and simple. Our meal was delicious and i have nothing but wonderful memories of Paperwork Day.

After that, we just tried not to talk about it or think about it like we were married and continue to get excited for our Wedding day in Mexico!

Wedding Day

Our Wedding on the beach in Tulum, Mexico was AMAZING. I don’t know that it could have gone any better. Our families were there, the resort was beautiful, the weather was perfect and everything was like a dream! Because we were legally married already, we could have anyone we wanted to do the ceremony. We asked Marcus and he was funny and brilliant. We wrote our own vows, which turned out stunning and truly from the heart. Everyone was barefoot on the beach and carefree. The pictures show just how beautiful and how happy, so I will let them speak for me.

All that background of the past to say, we made it back to paperwork day. In a couple weeks, we will have made it to our anniversary.

Sitting here in the middle of our two celebrations, I am looking back on a year of marriage. A year without killing each other.

Don’t get me wrong, the year is full of adventures, laughs and great times. It is also full of challenges, disagreements and adjustments.

It’s quite comical really. Melding two lives together. Seeing each other constantly at each others bests and worsts.


Who knew the bests and worsts could be so scary. Like walking into the room while he’s blowing his nose, checking what came out and then showing me like he achieved something grand. Or learning that, “Meditating” means taking his time in the bathroom, bringing and iPad for entertainment while waiting for something to happen. And I’m sure my husband has some of his own words to describe watching me have a melt down and ugly cry over who knows what. Or my zombie morning walk to the bathroom. Or maybe finding out about my severe dislike of blowing my nose even if it will help.

We have been through disagreements about decorating our house, what to make for dinner, who does the most housework. To real struggles in our jobs and making big life decisions. To laughing like crazy about something dumb, like the time I was clumsy and basically Frisbee’d my dinner onto the floor only to die a very sad splattered disaster mess with a completely smashed plate, only to then have my lip quiver and burst into tears. Well, he was laughing in that story, I was in devastated shock.


But we made it. He is still my best friend, I still love him more then he annoys me, and I’m still excited about us. Finding each other is one thing, finding how to be together forever is an adventure I’m up for! Here’s to another year of laughs, adventures, challenges, struggles and love, lots and lots of love.

635802626414836993-1760164835_Love image

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