Sunday Evening melt downs…& gratefulness

Some unorganized thoughts about saying goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016….

Christmas break was, amazing. We got to spend time with my family and Wade’s family! So good for the soul!


The Browns! All decked out in Broncos gear and Colorado Pride. Sporting our #borncolorado brand!


Only my sister missing! And yes I did decorate palm trees in Phoenix with Christmas balls!


At Top Golf, don’t love golf, Top Golf was fun! Short time with my sister but so much fun!

It’s 2016, already. I can’t believe how fast time flies. 2015 was amazing and hard all at the same time. It was full to the brim with, love, laughs, challenges, tears, sweat, pain, confusion, adventures, learning, struggle, growth and Sunday evening melt downs.

Sunday evening melt downs are like this super strange creature, that makes you half devastated the weekend is over and half incredibly grateful for the beauty of the weekend you so luckily just had!

Some, Most valued 2015 experiences: (besides #1, in no real order)

  1. Married my best friend
  2. New life changing friendships
  3. Husband getting his new, better job
  4. Being laid off (this is both good and bad)
  5. Successfully passing my Knowledge exam for designation
  6. Competing in my first Crossfit Competition
  7. Travel: Denver, Phoenix, Mexico, Seattle, Costa Rica, Montana…
  8. Husband’s Company Born Colorado Launched
  9. Finding out I sorta like cooking (sorta don’t get too excited)
  10. Buying a house
  11. Fitness
  12. Wade bought us our very own Kettle Bells!

Yes I am VERY excited about this! #rogue

So what is to come in 2016. My hope for 2016 is, to keep working at living in the moment, being grateful for past, present and future. Taking the time to enjoy #allthethings.

Right now, I am trying to take the most advantage of the opportunity I was given in being laid off. Being laid off is both horrifying and a mixed blessing. It scary because what is next is unknown, and the opportunity to do something different is real and right in front of me. This is where I am so grateful. Grateful for my husband who is being so supportive and loving. Grateful for the friends in my life who give me encouragement. Grateful for my family, who constantly let me know they are here for me.

So, my hope for 2016 is above. No “resolutions per say… however, there are Crossfit #goals!!!

I am going to write down some of my Crossfit Goals for 2016, then I won’t be able to hide from them!

  1. Strict Pull-ups (and not just one!)
  2. Kipping Pull-ups
  3. Deadlift 200 pounds
  4. Get past my clean & jerk mental block of 115
  5. Jumping Bar Muscle up (the scale of help with a box)
  6. Get handstand push ups
  7. Back Squat 185
  8. Front Squat 150
  9. Snatch 85
  10. Overhead squat 85

Ok, I’ll stop there, I think they are all attainable. Man I am excited for another year of Crossfit.

Red Carpet Style Photo Booth for Rising Edge Technologies 2015

Red Carpet Style Photo Booth


Well, cheers to the new year of adventures, sunday evening meltdowns and gratefulness of finding all the things.




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