A Battle

This past weekend I competed in my first ever Crossfit competition. Battle in the Barracks.

It was 2 days, 3 workouts.

Last year when I was newly a green Crossfitter, I watched the Battle and thought, I wonder if I will ever be strong enough to do it, or even have the guts to try. I was so envious of the girls! My friend Kate with a little coaxing convinced me to sign up.


My sexy husband even signed up to volunteer judge. Here he is in neon super focused!

Being completely honest, it was terrifying. I was so nervous! The few weeks leading up to the competition just thinking about it made my stomach turn. The first 2 workouts were short but killer! And it was the 3rd workout that had me completely scared.

1 rope climb, 15 clean & jerks (@ 95 pounds), 30 calorie row, 45 wall balls (@14 pounds), 30 calorie row, 15 clean &jerks, 1 rope climb – all with an 18 minute time cap!


95 pounds over head! Yessss!

I did a test run of this workout about a month before “go time” and it took me 23.31 minutes. (95 pounds is heavy for this gal! Not to mention rowing is super tough and I am terrified of rope climbs…)

But when that 3, 2, 1 went, so did I! I didn’t finish in the time cap, but I only had 5 cleans & jerks left and 1 rope climb! Definitely faster than my trial! It was a tough workout. I failed about 4 cleans which really threw me. I am disappointed I didn’t finish in the time. Turns out I am more competitive then I remember. But I feel like i learned a lot about myself as an athlete.


I’m behind a super good athlete, nervously trying to loosen my hips for some front squats for the first workout.

The whole weekend was all Crossfit and I completely loved it! I felt proud to be called an athlete and proud of myself for stepping so far out of my comfort zone. It was mentally and physically challenging, and I showed up.

So did many other incredible athletes. Watching and cheering on friends and strangers is good for the soul I think! It’s humbling and exciting and bring out the positive competitive side that wants to push to do better and improve. I had 3 goals for this competition.

  1. Not to come in last place.
  2. To beat all my trial scores.
  3. To cheer hard for my friends.

Kate and I cheering and representing our Box! Not sure what I am looking at…

I came in 29 out of 33. I beat all my trial scores nicely. And I cheered on my talented friends.

It’s Wednesday and I am still feeling a little sore, but I can already tell I want to compete again. Finding out I love Crossfit has added such positivity in my life.


2 girls I strive to keep up with! And maybe one day beat! 😉






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