Sun & Play

So my husband, Wade and I went on a little extra long weekend getaway this past weekend to Phoenix. We left bright and sparky saturday morning arriving in Phoenix around 11 am. We are very blessed, as my parents have a house there, so we had great accommodations.

We took a shuttle to the house, grabbed the car and headed for the grocery store. We were both starving which ultimately resulted in way more groceries then 2 people need for 4 days. It also means we ate amazing for 4 days. My parents weren’t there so it was just the two of us, sunshine and a pool.


We had the best weather, hot but not too hot, sunny and blue skies for almost all of the 4 days. One day was windy and cloudy but warm. We didn’t do anything for 4 days except cook & eat & drink, sit by the pool, play cards, swim, goof off, play…

Play. It took about a day and a half for us to unwind. I don’t think we realize how tight and “stressed” working can make us. Wade has a great job that he likes but gets very hectic and some tight deadlines. My job lets just say could be whole blog post on it’s own. Let’s leave it as frustrating. I think sometimes I bring too much of my frustration and irritation towards my lack of purpose at work home. I know it puts more stress on Wade.

Once we unwound a bit, play started. Play is so important. It’s one of the reasons I love Crossfit so much! It’s much needed play time.  However, it’s so much different play then this. In Phoenix play time was cards and bikes and throwing balls around and in the pool.

I forgot how much fun “catch” is! We had so much fun just throwing a ball back and forth! The challenge with catch in Phoenix though is Cactus’s. At my parents place they have some beautiful palms around the pool and a cactus that looks like this:

Hahah! Just kidding, its like this:


Doesn’t look very aggressive, I know! But the tips are SHARP. The cute pink water volleyball we were playing with bounced one too many times to its painful punctured death. Wah wah 😥

So what were we to do? Go buy a new pool toy, of course! Off to Walmart we go! Turns out, pool toys are not in season right now in Phoenix! This is a crazy oversight of Walmart in my opinion! It may be winter there and cold for locals to frolic in the pools, but for us Canadians (slash American husband), who live in Calgary, Phoenix is tropical and glorious perfect for pool frolicking! Although I do recognize that a huge portion of the Calgary population that goes there are retired and might not want pool toys… Needless to say we couldn’t find a good pool toy in Walmart to get us back to play!

Fortunately, there  was a pool chemical store near by, they didn’t have a lot, but they had the perfect pool play football! We paid a premium for the item and headed quickly back to play. Now picture this, 2 grown adults, grinning ear to ear, giddy throwing this football back in forth, happier than a pumpkin on Halloween!


Suddenly, Wade thru a great winning pass, and Megan fumbled! Gah! I fumbled! The football bounced hard on the side of the pool, once, twice, and landed in the bottom branches of …nope not the crazy cactus, but a palm tree. Both holding our breaths we were frozen starring at it. I slowly walked over, weaved in between the branches and gently picked up the football. Pssfft, punctured. Who knew palm trees were so mean. The only way to describe Wade and I in this moment was like two children shattered looking at their ice cream fallen to the ground. So sad…

Also, super funny! Mostly because the hole this time was small, and the neoprene seemed to somewhat fill the hole a bit. Yay! The expensive ball lives! We were still able to throw the ball around and just add air periodically. I have never had so much fun playing catch. Play. Love it.

Now we are back in the grind, but we had such a nice time! Time to plan the next one and I have a goal to try and play more.



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