“active rest days”, sprints & beautiful fall evenings

We have been having amazing fall weather here in Calgary! Amazing. Normally by this late in fall, I am in full dread of winter. This year, I wore shorts on the weekend and have been finding ways to be outside as much as possible.


Nothing beats beautiful blue sunny skies and weather that doesn’t chill you to the core!

This last week was so crazy! We were in Castle Mountain over Thanksgiving weekend, which was wonderful! Then came home Monday afternoon, just pooped! Tuesday after work was catch up on house disaster day! Wednesday was a house meeting about the common areas, Thursday was Comedy night at the Laugh Shop with friends (fun because of the good company, comedians were…ok) Side note: why do Comedians always gotta get so nasty, life is funny without getting into specifics about your sex life!

Friday was end of beach volleyball season party (super good times). Saturday was the Crossfit Sunalta 1 year party! Crushed a good workout, won the trivia game with my awesome team and then just enjoyed a sunny afternoon! Sunday morning was great! Crushed some workouts with Kait at the gym! Both Kait and I signed up for Battle of the Barracks a local Crossfit competition. So we trial ran a couple of the workouts. Then it was get ready for the coming week, shopping, cleaning, organizing… try not to get too annoyed about the fact that the next day is Monday…

So since it was a Crossfit packed weekend, Monday was designated “rest day”. Haha, turns out I am not good at rest days. I always feel like ima miss something. This time though, I decided to turn “rest day” into “active rest day”. No Crossfit, but some cardio, sprints to be exact.

I have decided my cardio needs some work. I also learned this during trial runs of the Battle workouts. So, I thought, sprints will help my cardio! Lucky for me my friend Kait, also has a “rest day” problem. (I might be potentially a bad friend for being a bad influence)… but we went out to a park and did a sprint pyramid and some ladders.

Monday’s are normally the worst! But I got lucky this week, my workday was so busy it flew by and then I was outside having “active rest” with my kick butt friend! The skies were a little grey, but it was warm and kinda pretty out. Sprinting felt so exhilarating. (Even my husband can’t believe I had fun running, I normally hate running…and complain about it.) Then I went home and made dinner and laughed and had good conversation with my husband. Went to bed early with a new book and slept great!

The point of this post is, I haven’t had that good of a Monday in months! I haven’t felt that happy on a week day in months! And I attribute it to, “active rest days”, sprints & beautiful fall evenings and Kait!


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