Trying to change the mind…

I had a challenging day.

I don’t like firing people.

I don’t like laying people off.

I don’t like having difficult conversations with employees who don’t take accountability for their actions.

I don’t like being an “order taker”.

I don’t like when employees/people abuse programs and take advantage of offerings that do not suit their situation.

I don’t like when managers/supervisors/team leads or executives abuse their authority.

I don’t like when people in positions of authority don’t take accountability for their actions.

I don’t like when trying to do the right thing feels like trying to run through a brick wall reinforced with metal.

Whew. I needed to let that out. Those thoughts have been swirling in me for a bit. They really bring on negative energy. Negative energy I don’t want!

I love Crossfit.

I love having coffee every morning.

I love getting a good night sleep.

I love 4pm when I get to get on with living outside of work.

I love weekends.

I love my friends.

I love my husband.

I love my family.

I love the outdoors.

I love wine.

I love tacos.

I love to laugh.

I love when I feel purpose. I want purposeful work.

I love a good book.

I love a good tv series (Suits when are you coming back?!)

I love warm weather.

I love sunshine.

I love, love.

Ok, that’s a little better.


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