finding hiking…

The Rocky Mountains are incredible. They are beautiful and majestic. Who wouldn’t want to climb them, see them and the stunning views at the top!?!

I want to love hiking, I really, really do! I just struggle to find the love.


My husband loves to hike, so does his family they did it all the time as a family and growing up. Not only does my husband love hiking, he is great at it! He knows what to bring, how to dress and where to look to find a beautiful hike! Basically anything hiking he gets! Last time I said, “let’s go for a walk”, he took me on a 14KM hike! For the record, that is NOT a walk.

I generally am a hiking mess! Here are a few of my challenges:

  1. I haven’t got a clue what to bring.
  2. I am at a loss for how to dress and estimate climate change between the city and the mountains.
  3. I do not have the gear, and often forget to purchase it, until I need it and don’t have it.
  4. I’m slow. Very slow hiker.
  5. I can’t look at anything except my feet hiking.
  6. I always, ALWAYS get enormous blisters! I have tried so many socks…
  7. I get very sweaty (this is actually not a big deal), but then get cold (slightly irritating).
  8. Going down takes more focus then writing a 3 hour math exam. Step carefully.
  9. Can’t talk while going up, Can’t.Breath.
  10.  Bears scare me.


It’s always such a struggle, but then we get to the top of some mountain and the views are stunning and unreal and I truly think, this isn’t so bad, I love hiking…till the decent. Down I think is harder! So much precision needs to happen, each step carefully placed. Knees screaming, hips working hard to stay strong.Then there’s the constant toes being slammed into the tip of you shoe! Just when I think I’m going to lose it, we get back to the car. And five minutes later, I’m so pumped about the challenge, the fresh air and those amazing views…

Like I said, I really want to like it and I try hard.

We’ve hiked in Alberta, BC, Denver, Wyoming, Costa Rica (Jungle hike), Aspen and even did Tough Mudder in Aspen on a mountain! Lots of amazing adventures, none of which I would trade for anything!

Tough Mudder 2014! Also the day we got engaged!

Tough Mudder 2014! Also the day we got engaged!

Stunning Maroon Bells in Aspen

Stunning Maroon Bells in Aspen

Costa Roca Jungle Hike. Look how happy I am in my rubber boots.

Costa Roca Jungle Hike. Look how happy I am in my rubber boots.

This weekend we went to Castle Mountain with some friends. Some friends who really like hiking. We went on a really steep hike up the ski hill. It was such a beautiful day and I started having a lot of fun. Unfortunately, some massive blisters formed. I pushed through for a while after putting both bandaids and duck tape on my heels. I was determined not to be the weak link. Eventually, we decided to make our way back down, partially because the wind was insane howling and partially because of my heels. I was so relieved taking off my hiking boots when we got down! Time to try some silk liners for the next hike!

Castle Mountain

Castle Mountain

So maybe I haven’t found love for hiking yet… but at least it seems to be growing on me….

Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies


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