Business Travel Rookie

So this past week I went on my first business trip. I travelled to Winnipeg, or as some people call it, “The Peg”.


So many jokes get made about Winnipeg since it’s very cold in the winter (-50 celsius= crazy), and has some rough parts, but what city doesn’t?! There was lots of green space which would be great for all the time of the year it’s not -50!

Although most of the trip was work, here’s some stuff I thought worth writing about.


Going on a business trip feels so, “Adult”. I know I am one and have been for years, but something about going on a business trip makes a gal feel more grown up and somehow like your important or something. I think its because you’re travelling alone and get to expense everything. I never get to expense things, only important people get to expense things and get the dollars back.

Rental Cars

So, truth, I really REALLY didn’t want to get a rental car. Why? Well, just because I figured it would be more of a hassle then just taking a cab and didn’t want to deal with something happening. But everyone kept telling me I should probably just get a rental car. So I booked one through Budget, the corporate approved vendor.

  1. When I arrived the line was short but the service was CRAZY slow and I waited FOREVER! Ok, not forever but like 30 minutes with only 2 people in front of me!
  2. They didn’t have the car I reserved there, (shocker! I almost foreshadowed this!),  but I could wait for it… or pay an extra daily amount and take a bigger vehicle right away. (I was done waiting.)
  3. This beautiful upgraded vehicle, had a large screw in the back passenger tire, that I am pretty sure was there when I picked up the car but the slow leak didn’t complete it’s task until the car was parking at work the next day.
  4. I called Budget about this tire problem, and received a response that might as well been, “it’s your problem”.
  5. I knew I didn’t want a rental car.
  6. Kal tire was amazing, they hooked me up and help to recover my gone sideways afternoon. Disaster averted, no thanks to budget!

Dropping in at Crossfit Boxes while out of town

I went to a Crossfit Box while visiting Winnipeg, called Crossfit Roborean ( I love visiting other Crossfit gyms when I travel. The Crossfit Community is so diverse and so much fun to be around. No matter where you go! Crossfit Roborean was not a large facility and kinda gritty in a great way! The space had everything you need. The people were kind and as always I got my butt kicked in the WOD.


Embarrassing story? Always! It smelled bad. The gym smelled bad. I couldn’t shake this kinda mouldy, dirty kinda dish rag smell. I just kept hoping I would get used to it. I also kept wondering what others thought of this smell. Like didn’t it bother people? I mean it’s pretty foul! About 30 minutes into the WOD, I pull my shirt to my face to wipe sweat before it gets in my eye, and BAM! Realize very quickly the nasty smell is not the gym, IT’S MY SHIRT!  I am the nasty smell!! No wonder people were’t talking to me for long and seemed to set up as far from me as possible! I smelled like a dishrag that no matter how much you wash it, it still stinks so you give up and throw it away! Gross! My husband had done laundry before my trip and left it in the washing machine, forgetting to put in the dryer. Clearly this shirt had been in that load. I hope i’m not known as the “stinky visitor” at Crossfit Roborean.

Something that I love about trying out different gyms is that they tend to have fun variations or moves I haven’t tried yet. This time was no different. We did this move that was “hollow rock” and your roll into “superman” and back without letting your legs and arms touch down! I felt like a fish outta water! It was super fun! I have some super cool side bruises to boot!

Time to update the chart!! 🙂


Eating out!

While on Business Travel, I had the excuse to eat out for every meal! Guilt free Starbucks coffee, real fruit/veggie smoothy and  turkey bacon and egg english muffin in the morning! Fun salads for lunch and new places for dinner. I have a friend who is from and lives in Winnipeg and she spent the evening with me! She took me to a place called Stella’s, which is apparently really popular in Winnipeg they have a few! It was a cute, homestyle restaurant with lots of homed breads and jams and stuff. I had a lovely chicken curry. Ultimately though the highlight was “Baked Expectations”. I won’t even tell you about this place just, look:



As “expected” that cheesecake was amazing and I ate it all!

People Watching at the Airport

These scenarios can be described just in quick descriptive words:

  • Stilettos, caked on makeup, fake nails, huge sunglasses and a small dog in a purse
  • 3 kids and a baby, sweat pants and too many bags
  • fancy suit, briefcase, bluetooth hands free, serious face

I feel like I see some variation of the above every single time I go to the airport.

I also enjoyed not making my bed at the hotel and getting some hot tub time!

The rest was… work.

Well,  I am no longer a business trip rookie! Now if I can just find a way to go on a business trip somewhere tropical with a beach!!!! SUNSHINE!



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