Click the pic: 8 signs you drank the Crossfit Kool aid!

Yup, I said it, I drank the Crossfit kool aid.

Let’s go back a little over a year. My then, man friend (now husband), told me I should come to his “Box” and try Crossfit. My response was, “I don’t want to go to a “Box”, (whatever that is) and what on earth is Crossfit?” He then explained to me that it was a mix between, weightlifting/ bootcamp/ gymnastics / military…blah blah… I was like, “Nope, I will hate it.”  I was fully convinced I would hate it. Then later I did what any  smart person would do, I “googled” it…The truth is I was completely intimidated by it and pretty convinced I was much too much of a weakling, with low pain tolerance and limited athleticism to even try it. Not to mention, it seemed more intense and aggressive then I figured I could handle. I’m not a very “aggressive” person. I was pretty sure I would suck at it and most likely embarrass myself.

BUT, to appease this new love interest of mine (because we do stupid things for love), I conceded to go, one, that’s ONE time only. We show up this one fine day in April of 2014. Just as I suspected, there were soo many muscles and people that appeared to know exactly what they were doing! It was so scary and I was very uncoordinated and awkward. ( I mean what do I do with a barbell? Can’t we just blast some Pittbull and do Zumba? I’ve got plenty to shake. I won’t need coordination it will just look like I know what I am doing).



Needless to say I did my first class, awkward and uncomfortable. It was hard too. Really hard. I was green with envy at some of the CrossFitter’s abilities too. We got in the truck after class, I was a sweaty mess, and totally smitten. He asked me what I thought. I cooly said, “yah, it was ok”.

Truth? I was well on my way to drinking all the kool aid! I played it cool, said I would sign up for “Foundations” (the 6 week classes for newbies to get the much needed basics to ensure both safety and success at Crossfit).

It took me a few months to start feeling like I sorta knew what I was doing. But Crossfit transformed the way I look at fitness. I have changed from, “I HAVE to go to the gym, I guess cuz I ate that dessert” to “I WANT to go to Crossfit, who cares what I ate”.  From, “what on earth am I supposed to do with this barbell?” to, “Do you know what you do with a barbell?!? You lift it with heavy things and then DROP it. Yes, DROP IT!” One of the most invigorating things in the world, is to crush throwing a 100 pound clean & jerk overhead and then DROPPING it! Boom! How badass am I?!

So, I do have back muscles!

So, I do have back muscles! This is earlier this year, at 55 pounds, recently I did 105 pounds!

As if all that isn’t enough, I am stronger, I feel better in my skin (and have muscles), have more energy, I eat better because my body wants good food, and the Crossfit community is creating some of the coolest friendships! I learn from all different types of people. We sweat together, laugh together, celebrate each other, encourage each other to grind and push through crazy workouts, we see just how amazing our bodies are when we use them and take care of them!



I am fully addicted! We have gone to the Crossfit Regionals in Vancouver and Seattle and the Crossfit games in 2014, in LA. We would have gone for 2015 too if the CAD dollar hadn’t dropped so much! Instead I watched hours of the games online! I love it more then my husband! I can talk about Crossfit for hours! One of the biggest things people who do not do Crossfit, make fun of in people who are into Crossfit, is how much we talk about it. Sure, we do. It’s awesome and has changed my life, why wouldn’t we talk about it?!


Crossfit Games in LA 2014

Crossfit Games in LA 2014

The Crossfit community that I am part of, loves to joke about our Crossfit addictions, habits and all the non-CrossFitter criticisms! Life is supposed to be fun.

Yup, #drankallthekoolaid and proud of it!

Engagement Photo.

Engagement Photo.


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