How I feel about cooking

So, my mom is a great cook and is great at baking. So were both my grandmas! Growing up I was very fortunate to eat many delicious meals. The baking was something particularly awesome! One of my grandma’s made pie crust that everyone just raved about. My mom spent hours in the kitchen with her learning to perfect this.

I, however, did not. I hated cooking and baking! Considering how much I love to eat it’s almost a travesty how much I have hated being in the kitchen. Growing up my mom had to either lay down the law and give me no choice but to help or bribe me. Either way I would pout the whole time. My second job as a teen was even in a restaurant. For some reason, I was “ok” peeling potatoes for hours or chopping vegetables till my hands hurt when I was getting paid for it. Ask me to make dinner at home and suddenly, I  would vanish!

I have always had an epic love for cereal. A little history: when mom wasn’t around for dinner, she would come home to my sister, dad and I all in a row on the couch, with large bowls (meant for mixing) full of Honey Nut Cheerios, happy as can be! Dinner! 🙂

Cereal is the easiest meal to make. Whether you are serving more than yourself or not, bowl, spoon, cereal, milk, done! So when I moved out of my parents house to live on my own, cereal became a staple. Embarrassingly, some days I ate cereal for both breakfast and dinner. Needless to say, cooking was not my top priority.

Recently, I have been finding myself more interested in getting crafty in the kitchen. I’ve decided to chalk this up to 1. getting older and 2. my husband. Wade is a great cook and it all kinda started when we started dating. He would cook for me, slowly I began to help as the prep cook, and now in our new house with the awesome kitchen I am starting to get more into it.

I am actually finding it hard to say that, “I like cooking”. I have said and felt hate for cooking for so many years.  It almost feels wrong, saying the words , “I like cooking”. I have even begun to attempt some baking recipes. Unfortunately, those attempts are not going so well! I have flopped 3 different recipes recently. And I mean flopped. I do not understand how I can follow a recipe exactly and it still doesn’t work.

Baking is some kind of art that I need much more practice in I think. Even when I was a teen I would flop many baking attempts. I have made transparent cookies (not on purpose), cookies that taste like straight up metal, cakes that turned to slime, muffins that are slimy and the list goes on! It gets expensive baking when it just ends up in the trash! Here’s a picture of my recent muffin fail: Looks good, huh? Don’t lie!

Muffin Fail.

Needless to say, I think I am finding a new appreciation for this cooking thing. I wonder though if it will be a short term thing or I’ll become an impressive chef, or maybe even learn to bake well like my mom and grandma’s.

Well, I better get to practicing. What should I make tonight….


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