Rainy Friday, Sunny Weekend

This week was hard.

“It’s ok to cry, tears cleanse the soul…” ~Nanny

My beautiful Nanny (grandma we called Nanny), used to say that to me when things just got too heavy and tears began to flood my eyes, threatening to flow over. As soon as those words left her lips the tears would break free and fall.

Her words come to me every time I cry. Whether the tears are falling quietly in a slow stream and flowing like a burst dam.

This week I cried, more than once. Quiet streams and a burst dam. Nanny was wise, my soul needed some cleansing.

It feels a little like the city needed some cleansing, on friday. It rained for hours. Almost like the sky had as challenging a week as me.

One of the best feelings in the world though is waking up to a new day, with clear blue skies. It really does speak to the soul and make things feel different…brighter.

I woke up Saturday morning to sunny blue skies and cuddles from my husband and best friend. Friday evening was spent with good friends and some laughs. We spent some time at the lake with my sisters dog, Haddie, and my parents and now I’m home feeling super blessed.

“It’s ok to cry, tears cleanse the soul…”

This week was hard, next week will be better.

Lap dog! LOL.


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