start the findings, go!

warms my heart thinking of this day

*warms my heart thinking of this day

…finding all the things

I’ve decided that life is full of “findings”… from the most basic: finding the right shoes for that outfit (preferably flats), or a good restaurant to stuff your face, (I suggest tacos) to finding the right friends (bring on the drama), finding love (that forever kind of love) or what makes you happy (wine, coffee, eating, Crossfit-  quick what top 4 come to your mind?).

The past year or so for me has been particularly exciting and FULL of findings, especially findings that feed right into my happy space.  (Finding my man, finding a love for real food, Crossfit, selling my condo, getting married barefoot on a beach in Mexico, moving downtown, travelling, Denver, craft beer (there is even a Caramel Latte beer at Last Best!), buying a townhouse, seeing One Republic live (3 times!!!!), going to the Crossfit games, LA, Larabars (especially blueberry muffin), barn style tables, cherry tomatoes…just to name a few.)

Let’s get more personal. I am 29 years old born and raised proud Albertan. I would like to say that I was always proud to be Albertan and wear cowboy boots and cute country style dresses, ride horses and play with cattle but this would be a lie. (You will have to talk to my sister if you want to talk about that stuff. She does cattle branding on the weekends, FOR FUN!)

The truth is my teenage years and into my early twenties, was like being 6 different versions of myself, none of which I am really all that fond of, nor do I really understand. For a time I pretended to loath country music, even though as a kid I couldn’t get enough. At 14 years old, I would be yelling as my sister to change the music or my ears would fall off, while secretly be singing and dancing in my head.  For a time I pushed away my family, church, my love for writing, my passion for about anything and became a boy crazy, try to get in shape, make everyone else happy (except my parents and myself), kind of a blob.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun throughout those years, it was just paired with a lot of fumbling around trying to accept who I am (while secretly eating and entire pizza and massive bowl of ice cream, cuz if no one saw it, it doesn’t count right?!). Tripping and stumbling to stop trying to be all the things I thought I should be or that I thought people wanted me to be. I do believe we are always figuring out who we are and we should never stop growing and learning. But I am finally getting excited about who I am, the real me.

The Albertan girl, who loves country music, AND still loves to blare some PittBull now and then(shake it)! The girl that loves to play outdoors and be in the country AND lives in the city. The girl who is still awkward in her body, hates her cellulite AND embraces how amazing the body is. The girl who is stubborn, opinionated AND caring and thoughtful. The girl that found her best friend and love of her life completely unexpectedly AND he’s nothing like she ever imagined, which is so much better. The girl who still struggles daily to say what she wants AND to be happy AND not take on the people around hers negativity (i’m like a sponge). The girl that is me,        is a pretty awesome beautiful mess of a girl, so I have “found” out (a verb for finding, case you missed that 🙂 ).

That brings us back to findings… this is why I am starting this blog. To talk about the findings, the big ones, the small ones, the shallow ones (no diving allowed) and the deep profound ones (warning: emotions may follow)…

So I guess this blog will be about, life,

… finding all of the things


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